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A six piece series, Sternum is a progressive arrangement of paintings created by Bronwyn while she coped with surviving a motor vehicle accident in February 2014. While sustaining several injuries, her broken sternum was the most painful and took the longest to heal. In an effort to release her emotions about the wreck, Bronwyn began painting. Each work contains the image of a sternum with a circle in the background representing the protected heart.

The first panel, Shock, shows us that---in this state---the sky is still blue, bone is still bone, and blood is still red. And yet there is a great disturbance in the heart. The second piece, Rage, embodies an obsessive anger that starts to incinerate the sternum while the heart behind it burns away and becomes more distorted. Terror sets in in the third panel. There is no color and the sternum almost ceases to exist, abandoning any protection of the heart. The heart blackens. Fourth in line is Preservation. This is the turning point. No longer taking the stance of a victim, the surrounding blackness becomes a quiet place to heal. The sternum rebuilds itself in a bionic way, and the heart is calm and composed. The fifth piece is Acceptance. There is an openness to outer stimuli and inner thoughts. There is no protesting or attempts to change the past. With this assent a light shines within the sternum and the heart glitters without. Love is the final panel. Love sees all colors. Love remembers its old form and then transforms. It forgives and gives without conditions.

With exception of Shock, Bronwyn painted each work as she experienced that particular emotion or state of mind. (The painting, Shock, came after survival mode had worn off, naturally.) The sterna are given sharper edges throughout the series in order to expose to us the pain that she continued to experience while producing these works.

Originals are oil on canvas, 16" x 20", framed, and for sale. This series can be found in the Store. To send an inquiry, please email

Shock, No. 1 in the Sternum series

Rage, No. 2 in the Sternum series

Terror, No. 3 in the Sternum series

Preservation, No. 4 in the Sternum series

Acceptance, No. 5 in the Sternum series

Love, No. 6 in the Sternum series